2015 St. Louis Star Ball, the best of many that I have danced.

I have been in St. Louis for 17 years and every year at the St. Louis Star Ball I dance hundreds of dances (called entries). I have done anywhere from 200 to over 400 entries at each competition through the years. This year I "only" had 230. It does sound like a big number to people who are unfamiliar with dance competitions, but remember, the competition is a three and half day event. Yes, I do get tired and yes, it takes most of my energy. People usually get pre-comp jitters. I have to dance my best to look good and make sure my students look even better.

So why am I saying this year was the best one yet? Because my Ladies are the best! They were at the top of their game and they looked great for the spectators and judges. For me, they stayed calm, focused, balanced and did their part. They had a fantastic support system show up from Majestic Dance Studio, there to cheer them on.

It was so fun to dance with them and I felt happy and smiled a lot (for me at least)!

I am very proud of them and I am looking forward to dancing many more entries with them in the future.

St. Louis Star Ball 2015.jpg

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