Bad weather did not stop us from dancing Waltz, Salsa and Disco!

Photo by Steven Lembark

The biggest snow storm of this winter on the night of February 28th, our first Same Sex Dance Party, caught us off guard. The decision was made to keep the doors open for the brave people who love to dance. We had 7 of them, not bad when there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing hard outside. Good music, disco lights, wine and liquor made us temporarily forget the weather and we had a blast! We made some great new friends and they learned three new dances! It was a fun night made possible by those that braved the storm.

We are planning on another Same Sex Party on Saturday, May 2nd.

I am sure weather will be on our side this time. We are looking forward to meeting many new friends.

Photo by Steven Lembark.

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