St. Louis Bloggers Danced the Night Away At Majestic Dance Studio

On a warm summer evening, we opened our cool dance studio up to a handful of St. Louis bloggers to show them an alternative way to spend a Saturday night – learning how to dance!

The night started with the girls lining up on one side of the dance floor and the men on the other. This is where we simplified the sensational moves of the Salsa and Bachata. After a few practice rounds, dancing partners paired up and combined the movements.

After getting comfortable with the various dance steps, we changed the pace with two performances from our talented and passionate instructors. Josef Scherer and Loraine Ebel put on a show by elegantly dancing across the dance floor with a graceful Waltz. I paired with Angie Brooks for an energetic Samba number.

We had such a fun time hosting these amazing bloggers and watching them learn and practice these dance moves. But don’t take my word for it! Read about each bloggers experience by clicking on the following links:

Amanda, Yasmin, Makeba, Psyche and Tamaki - Thank you all for coming out! I can’t wait to see you all again!

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