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In May Of 2014,

Majestic Dance Studio was born

Sara And Alex at St. Louis Star Ball, Majestic dance studio is a ballroom dance studio in St. Louis

My name is Alexandr Borodko, and I began ballroom dancing at the age of eight in my hometown of Minsk, Belarus. I continued to dance in grammar and high school, eventually earning a Bachelor's Degree in Ballroom Dance and Choreography from the Belarusian University of Culture.  Post graduation, I danced as an amateur for 11 years with top placements in major dance competitions throughout Europe.


Since coming to the United States 20 years ago, I have established myself as a highly successful professional competitor, winning a wide variety of professional division events with my dance partner, Angi Hein: the St. Louis Star Ball, the Heart of America, Atlanta Open and the California Open. We’ve also been finalists in all of the major DanceSport competitions.


At the same time, I have become an established and sought after dance instructor in St. Louis.  Through the years, my students have participated and won countless competitions in the United States and around the world.


In 2004 at the Salsa Club VIVA, I met Sara, my future wife. Two years later, we were fortunate enough to be married among friends and family.  Sara and I are blessed with two beautiful children, Maxim and Alessya, who at a young age are discovering the joy of dance.


With the opening of Majestic Dance Studio, we are starting another exciting chapter of our lives.  Our wish is to provide instruction, education and inspiration to those interested in ballroom dancing.  Our goal is to make Majestic a place for dancers (and soon-to-be dancers) to learn the art of ballroom dancing in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


I am passionate about ballroom dancing and enjoy helping other people find their own passion. Let Majestic Dance Studio and my 26 years of experience guide and support you as you make your way through the wonderful world of ballroom dancing!



Alex and Julie Pro Latin
Alex and Julie Pro Latin
Alex and Julie Pro Latin
Alex and Julie Pro Latin

Meet Our Instructors

Angie and Ethan

Angie Brooks


Angie, a St. Louis native, began her lifelong love affair with dance at Berkley Evans School of Dance in Florissant, MO where she trained extensively in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip-hop. With her sights set on becoming a professional dancer, Angie went on to have a decade long performance career in concert dance and Musical Theatre. From Chicago, NYC, and LA, to cruise ships and European tours, Angie danced and had roles in such shows as GREASE, Singin' In The Rain, Guys & Dolls, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and South Pacific to name a few.

Upon returning to St. Louis, Angie decided to pursue her longtime interest in ballroom and Latin Dance -- and it is inside the world of ballroom dance that she has stayed! A full-time dance instructor, Angie teaches students of all ages and levels, both privately and in a group setting.


In addition to being an instructor at Majestic Dance Studio, Angie is also the Program Manager for St. Louis Dancing Classrooms, a non-profit social development program that uses ballroom dance to teach elegance, dignity, respect, and teamwork among elementary-aged students. Whether inside the ballroom studio or inside an elementary school gym, Angie works to inspire, motivate, and encourage all of her students to explore and expand their talents while connecting to the joy that comes from dancing.

"Dancing offers both the individual and partnership so many gifts! Dancing is a physical activity that uplifts the spirit and can feel really good on the body. Dancing exercises the brain and it boosts self-confidence, as it is both an art and a sport that one can study, learn, and practice for a lifetime. To be able to share these gifts with my students, regardless of age or skill-set, is such a privilege. I have the greatest job!"

Angie's students can be found winning scholarships and top ranks at competition, heating up dance floors all across the STL area, wowing their wedding guests, being the life of the party, swaying with their significant other, gaining popularity on internet dating sites,  movin' groovin' and having fun!


Josiah Thompson


Josiah discovered his passion for Ballroom Dancing at the Mizzou’s Latin Dance Club. After a few years, he moved to St. Louis to pursue a career as a professional ballroom dance instructor where he has continued to train with top level coaches. He has been teaching for over a decade now, and has created hundreds of wedding routines for couples and has helped social dancers develop a fun hobby. Josiah also loves to go out to St. Louis dance clubs and experience the social scene.

Samuel Kious_edited_edited.jpg

Samuel Kious

Started dancing as a social dancer wishing to learn salsa and country two step, then quickly turning my sights to competitive ballroom dancing competing as an amateur.

Deciding to take my dancing further I moved to the greater Boston area working for Arthur Murray. There I was trained by highly acclaimed coaches over next few years. At the first Professional Arthur Murray Competition I got Gold and Silver medals in American Smooth and Rhythm styles of ballroom dance.


I am excited to be back teaching in St. Louis area and I am looking forward to get back into professional dancing. I specialize in working with brand new students and getting you used to a social setting of dancing as well as working with a more advanced dancers who wish to take it further.  

We are Proud members of:

National Dance Council of America.

Professional Dance Federation.

Town & Country - Frontenac Chamber Of Commerce.

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