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Here are some Videos of ballroom dancing at Majestic Dance Studio.



I began ballroom lessons to dance with my daughter at her wedding.  Our dance, a Foxtrot, was a special moment and a lifetime memory for us.  Today, I take weekly ballroom dance lessons for the fun, exercise, and challenge.  Gentlemen, if you need another reason to dance, women like to dance.


///Dan Gould


Maxim Borodko and Marie Demkovitch

Wedding Dance

Laura and Eric Wedding dance, 2014

Zumba Class with Kim 

Every Wednesday at 6PM.


The Majestic Dance Studio is an excellent place to learn any and every type of dance, from Argentine tango to Zumba.  The spacious dance floor is beautiful,  with natural light filtering in from large windows.  I had the pleasure of taking ballroom dance lessons with Alex Borodko, the owner of Majestic. He is an excellent instructor/choreographer.

///Liz E.

We were futured on Fox 2 News:


FRONTENAC, MO (KTVI)-Are you a Dancing with the Stars fan? Ever wanted to take ballroom dance lessons? Or maybe step up your game for the First Dance or Father/Daughter dance are your upcoming wedding? Then get to know Majestic Dance Studio in Frontenac, MO.

Wedding Dance

Alicia and Eddie Wedding Dance.  

Video by Nynefilms


Salsa Group Class


I've been dancing with instructors at Majestic Dance Studio for 6 months. They are talented teachers and dancers for all skill levels. All of the instructors are very personable, the studio is spacious and welcoming, and the dancing is lots of fun!

///Valerie F.

We were Futured on Fox 2 News again:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Spice up your date night by learning how to salsa dance!

Alex Borodko and Angie Brooks from Majestic Dance Studio dance their way to the 9 AM Show to discuss the special night!

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