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"Why do I dance?"

Find stories of people who dance with us and how ballroom dancing has become an important part of their lifes.

Dear Angie,

It's been a week since Dancing in the Loop and I feel I did not get to formally thank you and everyone there for making this a great experience. Feel free to share with Josef, Alex, 'little' Joe (not sure why I am calling him 'little' Joe, he is bigger than me!) and anyone else. I did't realize, until I thought it through, that you really did an incredible amount of work for the dancers (particularly me) so they were ready. From determining the best dance, choreographing the moves, timing the music, etc. and most of all working with us tirelessly night after night. You are very talented and great teachers. I have already recommended someone to you who said she wanted to learn ballroom dancing!

Again, thanks so much for making this an experience I will not forget. I will pop in and say hi when I can as I live close by. Hope all continues well for you and the others.

All the best,

Ken Rubin

First Promo Private Lesson is $35 First Group Class is Free

I started dancing when a friend and I decided to take some Swing and Salsa classes.  Six months later, we moved into the ballroom .  Soon, I began formal lessons with  Angi Hein.  After only a few ballroom dance lessons, I was hooked and started to compete pro/am with Angi as my partner.  I'm so happy that I decided to dance with Angi and that I gave ballroom a shot.  I love to compete and the environment at a ballroom competition is like no other. (I have played ice hockey and tennis in high school.) Competing gives me a good way to push myself, learning and improving along the way. At the same time, dancing is one of the best work outs around.  With ballroom dancing, I have met many people that have become close friends. The people in dancing are friendly and social -- some of the nicest people in the world!  If I could do one thing over again I would have started to dance at a younger age because I am hooked. So, if you get the chance to take up ballroom dancing, go for i. You won't regret it!

My name is Luba and I am 21 years old. I began ballroom dancing when I was 10 and from the very first ballroom dance lesson I fell in love with the sport. My friends sometimes ask me why I put so much of my time into dancing, I'm not going to be professional. So why do it? Well, I do it because when I put on my shoes I feel like a different person. To whom the biggest thrill is to be on the dance floor and doing what I love best. To dance. Ballroom dancing isn't just a sport to me, it is a way of coping with what is going on. Whenever I feel stressed I go dance and feel much better. And let's face it, is there any better thing than the feeling that you get than when you step onto the dance floor? I ballroom dance because I love it and cannot imagine doing anything else.










First Promo Private Lesson is $35 First Group Class is Free

 /// Luba Ezerskiy

/// Kieth Yavorski

Loraine is an excellent instructor. We didn't have any experience in ballroom and needed help with the first dance at our wedding. Loraine was wonderful and very patient. We learned so much from her in a few short weeks and would highly recommend her. Not only were the sessions great learning experiences, she made it fun and the time flew by. We're very grateful to Loraine. Hope to work with her again!

///Kim and John

I began ballroom lessons to dance with my daughter at her wedding.  Our dance, a Foxtrot, was a special moment and a lifetime memory for us.  Today, I take weekly ballroom dance lessons for the fun, exercise, and challenge.  Gentlemen, if you need another reason to dance, women like to dance.

///Dan Gould

ballroom dance studio in St. Louis, First Promo Private Lesson is $35 First Group Class is Free

My name is Daniella Bursak, I am 15 years old, and I love ballroom dancing. My friend introduced me to a ballroom dancing studio when I was 6, and I've been doing it ever since. I first started out with group classes, and then I started taking private ballroom lessons with two different teachers inSt. Louis. The stories behind the dances and the feelings they bring inspired me to keep on dancing. For example, when I dance Paso Doble I think of matadors holding their capes, or while I am dancing samba, the music makes me smile. Ballroom dancing is what I love to do and it is also very fun, but I always have to work really hard. However, working really hard is worth it because you get to go to competitions all around the world and you get to put on makeup and pretty dresses. My favorite types of dances are Latin dances like Cha-Cha, because the steps in these dances are very fun. I will continue dancing and trying my best to win first place in the competitions I will go to in the future.

First Promo Private Lesson is $35 First Group Class is Free

/// Daniela Bursak

Sometimes you discover a Grand Passion in your heart and soul and you must follow it, no matter what or where it takes you. For me, that is Ballroom Dancing. I hear music and I want to dance. I see Dancers and I want to join them. Ballroom Dance lessons have brought me a confidence in myself - a feeling that I could do anything. It has also brought me great friends that I will keep forever. They all say that Ballroom Dancing is good for your health and body, which it is. I say it is good for your soul and makes you a better person.  It makes me want to get up in the morning to dance another day.

First Promo Private Lesson is $35 First Group Class is Free

/// Elizabeth Richardson

All these people, and many others, found passion for ballroom dancing thanks to Majestic Dance Studio instructors.
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